Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kill me now?

So, I've got the sinus infection from hell. I've bee home from work the past two days, parked on the couch with the OJ and water.

Consequently, I have been pretty quiet on here. For that I am sorry.

I promise that when I feel a little better, I'll let you guys know how life is going. But for now, I'm popping Sudafed like it's candy and wishing I were healthy enough to go to yoga.



    do you know about the neti pod? GOOGLE it. it will change your sinus infection's life.

  2. I do know about the neti ... but it makes me so nervous! I was one of those girls who couldn't stand water up the nose and always wore noseplugs when swimming!

    Though I get the same effect when I sweat into my nose during bent poses in yoga. Sexy = me.