Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving weekend woes

First and foremost, and unrelated to the rest of my post: I've noticed since losing weight that my veins are more prominent. Normally, this would not be a problem, but my blue-ish veins have been pretty visible since, oh, forever now. I have them on my chest and shoulders, and now my legs. UGH. Anyone got any advice? They're not spider veins in the traditional sense (though I have some on my thigh) and they're not vericose. Just blue-green and visible. Anyone? Bueller?

And onto the reason for posting:

I hate moving. I hate it hate it hate it. Boyfriend has a lot of crap, and since we were "only moving upstairs" we didn't really use boxes. BIG MISTAKE, FRIENDS. Use boxes. Do it. Pack in advance. Take a lesson from us.

Right now everything from his apartment is in. I still have a few things over at mine, and landlord from hell can just deal with it. I have until the 25th, and I'm takin' my sweet time. And I'll be taking pictures when I leave so that WHEN he tries to keep my deposit, I have proof.


I've done a lot of lifting. We've done a lot of shopping for new furniture. One such purchase is the beautiful pine table desk I purchased from IKEA yesterday. Gorgeous. Boyfriend has a matching one. Papa Five came out to help us move heavy things like couches and dressers and ended up buying us patio furniture for our big patio (we have a small one off the master that we're not sure what to do with yet). We're planning in getting a small gas grill for South Beach fabulousness.

But then ... bookcases. Boyfriend has ONE and it has been overtaxed. I don't have any, as my books were mostly sitting back in Indiana in my old closet. Now we have his books, my books, and all our combined law books.

And one bookcase.

We tried. We really did. They were out of the color bookshelves we wanted at IKEA. We thought Target would be an OK substitute. It is not. After about 30 minutes of frustration, we're taking the damn bookcase back to Target. And since I've handled all major purchases here thus far, Boyfriend is in charge of bookcases.

I'll post pictures when I don't have boxes freakin' everywhere, and we've found all the extra furniture we're going to need. You'll love my walk-in closet and dual skylights and loft. I promise. But for right now, you'll just have to wait.

(P.S. - despite eating like CRAP this weekend -- I lost a pound. Small victories.)


  1. Uggh. Moving. I moved 7 times during my 12 years in Long Beach, during my college years. I now have a strong aversion. I miss my walk-in closet. Your pictures are going to make me covet.

  2. i moved 4 times in the 5 years i lived in new york. and hated every last time. can't wait to see pics!