Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mystery and boookshelf woes solved

Ah, the internet. How I have missed you! I've been without this week (long story having to do with Boyfriend not being on the ball when scheduling utilities appointments), and I've dearly missed the blogosphere.

Now for a few updates:

First -- the veins. I found out through the Google machine that they are reticular veins, or "feeder" veins. They'll probably need to be zapped. There goes $750. :( At least now I'm doing yoga and exercising to keep my circulatory system in good health. I'm really pissed as they didn't start giving me trouble until AFTER I started losing weight and exercising. Way to go, Universe. I'll be glad to have the doctor's opinion on Monday. Regardless, I want them to STOP FRAKKIN' HURTING.

In other news: Boyfriend and I have bookshelves.

Thank you to the lovely people at IKEA. I'm still a little upset they didn't have beechwood finish ones to match the bed (which is not from IKEA, but seriously the stains are just the same), but the birch ones go nicely with the desks we just bought.

And, more importantly, we have the internet. And cable. And I thwarted Vista and it let me connect to the wireless router. Seriously, y'all, it was a big fat mess. I finally set it up manually through Vista and it stopped throwing a hissy fit. I cannot wait to get a Mac this fall.

I know I promised you guys pictures of the new place, and I swear they're coming. But for right now, we've just finished getting all the rest of the crap from my apartment into the new apartment. We're still in boxes, and the place is a hot mess. As soon as it is presentable, I'll snap a few shots and let you guys see the awesome that is our new place (or at least, the relative awesome -- we're both students, so we're just glad it doesn't have mice!).

I have many new stories to tell, but for now ... I'm exhausted.


  1. congrats on beating vista to a pulp. i have been so internet wonderful since i put my PC in a corner.

    (nobody puts baby in a corner!)

    oh yes i did. and i love my mac.

  2. I wish I'd listened to C2C vent about Vista. My new PC has it and it BLOWS. I'd like to meet the user group who tested and piloted this $hit and gave a green light to it. Sorry. Bad mood today, but happy for you and the digs.