Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Odds and ends

So, on Saturday I realized I didn't get myself anything fun for losing 20lbs. Shame on me!

Consequently, I went to Ulta and got myself some new perfume. Nothing really fancy, just the Clinique Happy Heart. I smelled almost everything in the store, but a lot of them were things I would wear in probably 5 years, not at 23. But I made mental notes for the future, when I need something a little more grown up.

And just a note: for the four people who actually read the blog, I probably won't be updating much for the next week or so. Boyfriend and I are moving! Two bedroom, baby! I've got the keys, and it is Oh. So. Lovely.


  1. Pictures!!! Want pictures! I'll let you move in first. ;)

  2. yay, Boyfriend!! Def want to see pictures of the place.

    Congrats on the 20 lb milestone. that is so awesome.

  3. Ladies, have no fear! There will be pictures! :) Perhaps I shall even put up one of me and the boyfriend? GASP!