Thursday, April 23, 2009


This morning, out of curiosity I stepped on the scale. I've been pretty good about exercising, but my diet has been ... well, not so great. Mexican for lunch yesterday. I only ate half the burrito, and it had a whole wheat tortilla. But, it's still a burrito. I was ready for disappointment. But, lo and behold, I am under 200lbs!

I'm a little over-tired from not sleeping much last night, so it's really kind of not registering. But something I'm doing must be working, because I haven't been under 200lbs in ... well, quite some time. :)


  1. yay! i haven't posted it in my blog yet, because my official weigh in is 4/26, but this morning i was 299. yay for getting out of the 300s. that little foray into those numbers was totally unnecessary.

    my next big milestone is 250.

  2. Mar, that's great! Keep this pace up, and you'll be there before you know it. :)

    I think I'm setting my next milestone at 180, because that's when I drop into the "overweight" category for my BMI.