Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight knows the hardest part of the game is motivation.

In my day, I need that motivation first thing in the morning. As a law student (and one who is now nearing finals), I have limited time in the morning, and what's easiest is to just grab a bagel at Panera. Even though I have bagels in the apartment. Delicious, lower-calorie bagels with Light Laughing Cow cheese.

But, there are those mornings that I don't want to make myself one of my perfectly good bagels. I want the people at Panera to make it for me.

And then there's the motivation to walk home, or to go to yoga, or to train. So far, I've been doing alright there, because yoga just makes me feel awesome. Well, sometimes like I want to die during the class (if I have to do one more pushup today I may die), but after I feel great.

But as finals come closer and closer, I wonder how I'll hold up for those two weeks. Will I eat ALL the dark chocolate I bought to keep myself from splurging on the worse-for-you milk chocolate? Will I really commit to eating at home? Will I keep going to yoga those two weeks? Will I keep walking home from class, or going on a long walk a few times a week? Will buying pants two sizes smaller this week be enough to keep me motivated? I wish I knew.

I guess all you can do is take it one day at a time, and even more so one moment at a time. Right now as I'm getting ready to settle back into my outline, I'm acutely aware of the dark chocolate in the cupboard. But I'm pretty sure that at least for tonight I'm good.

Because I simply feel better when I control the urges.

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  1. congrats on the new blog!! welcome to the family and thanks for the link. i'll hit ya back!