Friday, April 24, 2009

Yoga/Life Etiquette

First: I maintained my 199.5 this morning. :)

Secondly, my yoga studio has a resident douchebag.

Now, I know that yoga can attract some people who are a little ... self-absorbed. And, being a law student and a pretty new yoga practitioner, I can sometimes fall in that category. We all, from time to time, do thoughtless things that hurt/annoy others unintentionally. It's part of being human.

But then there's this guy who goes to my studio. I've seen him before, but his girlfriend came with him today, and sat her mat in the (very empty -- it was Friday at 4pm) same row as mine. Not recognizing her as his girlfriend, I went about my business setting up my area and stretching out.

Then in walks the douchebag.

He's one of those guys who tries to compensate for being short by being a big jerk. He's got long, dirty blond surfer hair (we are NOWHERE near a coast) and likes to make sure everyone sees him walk into the room and start stripping down into his yoga shorts. (An aside: Men, please wear shirts to yoga. I don't care how great of shape you're in, I really don't want to see your chest and abs that much. Kthnx.)

The thing is, I could handle that this guy just radiates "I'm a huge tool" except that he's really distracting in class. He talks. He'll giggle to himself (about what, I have no clue) and he'll invade your personal mat space and not apologize.

This was our issue today.

You see, there were not many people at class today. It was Friday at 4pm. There was plenty of room to spread out, but this guy chose to put his mat roughly 4 inches from mine. And then his limbs somehow kept intruding into my space. And not on poses where you would expect to need more space, where you arms or legs go wide.

So, I'm hanging out. I'm trying to exercise patience. And then, as we're in a balancing pose, his girlfriend decides she doesn't feel very good, and she wants to go home. So he starts to roll up his mat, and KNOCKS ME THE FRICK OVER, causing me to roll my ankle

And he doesn't apologize.

Being the nice person I am, I did not punch him or raise my voice despite REALLY wanting to. I didn't want to disturb the rest of the class anymore than my loud thud and yelp I'd already let out, and I was embarrassed. I spent a lot of the rest of the class in child's pose, as I couldn't balance on my right leg anymore, and after class walked very slowly back to the apartment.

So, the ankle isn't swollen, but it hurts. A lot.

All because someone's mommy never taught him to play nice with others.


  1. what an asshat.

    next time tell him to find a new piece of real estate to be an asshat on.

  2. How awful! Maybe he’s got his own spot on the floor where he has to be or somthing? This summer when my family took a local bus in the English countryside (backpacks and suitcases on our laps) an old man climbed over the entire family to get to HIS seat. He later apologised, but explained that he neded that seat as it was the safest seat in case of an accident …. Somehow I can't see how that could apply to yoga, but ...

  3. A,

    You're totally right, he could have had one spot he really liked. Either way, I felt like it would be rude to move after he set his mat down.

    Oh, well. Giving it another try tonight. :)