Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first yoga injury, and some good news

Despite really just wanting to collapse into bed this afternoon because of a restless last night, I sucked it up and went to yoga. But, out of consideration of my poor, tired body and the fact that I haven't really taken a yoga break this week, I decided to go to the basics class. Because basics should be easier, right?

Well, not tonight.

See, basics yoga is ... well, in some ways it's harder. It's slower, so you're not "flowing" as fast, or moving from pose to pose as quickly. As such, you don't get as dizzy from the hot room (good, because today it was 102 in there), but you're holding poses longer, which can make for some sore muscles. And they really just do basic poses. Some moderately advanced ones.

But tonight, the instructor decided it was a good idea to do Crow.

For those of you who don't practice yoga, Crow is effin' hard. It looks like this, in its most basic form:

Photo courtesy of the Sonia Show:

It can then be modified in several ways, such as side crow:

Image courtesy of: Team Sugar:

Etc, etc.

Suffice it to say, this is not a "basic" pose. But, I've been going for three weeks now, and I was feeling pretty adventurous. So I tried. And I now have a bruise on my tricep, because I am just not there yet.

But! In good news, I did my first full backbend since ... well, since I was in gymnastics class in middle school. My balance is better, and I'm stronger. I did like, a million pushups in class today, and my arms are pretty alright.

Finally, I'll end on the happiest note of all. I walked into class today and the girl sitting behind me in the lecture hall commented as I took off my trench, "Have you been losing weight? You look really good." After just this morning I looked in the mirror and realized that I have a WAIST in pants and a shirt again. Now, I still have the pooch, but it's much harder to see, and my waist curves in much more than it did before when you look at me straight on, even if I always had a defined waist.

So, I think that we can chalk this up as a good day. :)


  1. woopah! congrats at least for trying crow. it's ass hard. i prefer not-crow which is just kind of leaning over and breathing heavily, leaning your knees on your elbows. tee hee.

    also congrats on the random comment from the chick behind you in the lecture hall. that's awesome!

  2. I haven't ventured into yoga-land, yet, and now I'm officially scared, and intrigued at the same time. Congrats on the work and the results achieved! You just might inspire me to get there - to yoga that is, and to results.