Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's just file this under, "starting over"

So, today was the last day of my first year of law classes. I still have finals, but it was a day of celebration, if you will. A day of realizing that I freakin' survived the first year of law school.

Consequently, today was horrific food-wise. Panera bagel. Lo Mein for lunch. Dinner was actually OK (middle eastern -- whole wheat pita and red bean veggie chili), but I had ice cream after. And, a celebratory beer after classes.

But I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Tomorrow I will make better choices. And I will just move on from there. It's finals, and I know that I will slip up more often than usual. I've started to realize that one day isn't the end of the world. I've still got good habits, and even my "bad" days aren't nearly as bad as they used to be. My portion control is much better, for one thing.

On a more positive note, I went to yoga today (despite it being 90 degrees here in my little metropolis). The humidity was intense, but I went, and I had a great time, in part because yoga jerk wasn't there today.

Also. I've decided that Friday mornings will be the weigh-in day for the blog. That way I go into the weekend motivated (for one reason or another) and make better food and exercise choices.


  1. i'm not going to pander to you here, but your food wasn't THAT bad today. just remember to work in veggies if you're planning a carb rampage like that, as well as protein to balance it all out. but i wouldn't classify it as a binge or anything.

    and you still got your exercise in!

    i call this a wobble. not a slip. you caught yourself before you fell.

  2. I agree. This doesn't sound so extreme to me either. Especially with the crazy 75 hot-minute yoga. Uggh. I run kind of hot and that just sounds like my nightmare. Give me air conditioning even in winter - though I guess that defeats the point. Congrats on the first year of law school.