Friday, May 1, 2009

A break in the action

First of all, thank you for the supportive comments on the last post. Looking back, yes, it wasn't a binge. And even my "bad" choices aren't horrible (I mean, it was low-fat ice cream and a light beer for the love!) I'm going to revel in the fact that the lifestyle has taken hold so well that when I have a day of "slipping" I really do notice, and do feel like I could do better.

Since then, I've been pretty good. It's been, you know, insane. I've had to cut back a little on the yoga because of the insane finals schedule, and my subsequent bout of sore throat/hacking. I'll probably go only 3 or 4 times this week, and again, that's OK. I've made modifications to fit what is an unusually busy time of my year, and I haven't quit making healthy choices. The intensity is just turned down a little until mid-May, when I resume a more normal schedule. But yesterday, I was very good. And I went to yoga, and today am delightfully sore in the abdominal region from the instructor kicking my butt.

Tangentially, am I the only one who actually enjoys sore muscles? I LOVE when my abs/legs/arms are sore. True, I don't like it when it's literally painful to move, but a little sensation in my everyday movements or some burning in the legs as I go upstairs or up a hill are nice reminders that my body is changing. That I may be losing my layer of jiggle and will eventually be one of those smaller girls I envy so much.

Either way, I'm feeling better about my body as-is. I started this whole journey in February disgusted with myself and the way I look. I've since discovered that I now feel GREAT about my body (I think it's the yoga) despite there still being areas I want to work on. I no longer curse my poor tummy, legs, and backside. It's not THEIR fault that they're large. And we're working on shrinking them. It's just a process.

And now -- I must return to my cave at the library, to continue studying for finals. But I think I'll walk instead of taking the bus.


  1. " I the only one who actually enjoys sore muscles?"
    No! I feel the same.

    Re: Modification, as long as it's for a reason, like in your case, it's totaly legit. :)

  2. Yeah, I probably wouldn't feel the same if they weren't from working out. But just a little bit of soreness is always nice, at least for now.

  3. i loooooooooooooooove muscle pain!! it means you did something right and your muscles are slowly toning themselves into SEXYTIME. love love love.

    not sure if you're interested, but last month's issue of shape had jenny mccarthy on the cover. in her cover story, she demonstrated 5 bikram yoga poses that she makes sure to do every day. they are a little advanced, but you could surely work up to them. it's a simple rotation of 5 poses that you hold anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, and then you repeat the rotations.

    on days where you find your schedule is crazy and you can't get to a class, if you wake up 15 mintues early, you could do the rotation 3 times before you shower, and still have gotten in a small yoga workout!

  4. Ooo. Thanks for the tip, Mar!

    I do make sure to do a sun salutation or two in the morning, even when I can't get to the studio. But I'm always up for learning new poses/variations on poses to supplement my home practice.

  5. i also just bought the biggest loser weight loss yoga dvd, with trainer bob. he's really funny throughout the dvd and i'm really enjoying it.