Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random Over-Shares

Hello Readers. In my little blurb, I promise you over-shares, and I haven't really been delivering. So, since I'm still not tired at 1:30, I figured I'd give you some, in the form of a list.

1. I cannot watch Boy Meets World anymore. It used to be one of the things I would watch in reruns when it was on. And then this really screwed up guy that I had this on again off again thing with for waaaaaaay too long all through childhood and (here's the problem) college and I ended things for good. I cut him out of my life. Well, a mutual friend gave him my new email address, and in his apology for things not working out and his desire to at least talk to me once in a while, he said that when one of the girls he'd been out with asked him about his exes, he said that he always thought that I was "the Topanga to his Cory." I cried. I had seven years of romantic feelings tied up in that boy, and despite how great he had been in high school, he had turned into a lecherous, drunken mess in college. Anyway, he laid that corny line on me (and the poor girl he was dating). We talk occasionally via IM, since he lives 2,000ish miles away. But I can't watch the show anymore.

2. There's one sound that will always remind me of my mother. It's the sound that crumpled but still crisp bills make when you straighten them or rub them past each other in your wallet. Backstory: when I was a kid, my mom and I didn't get along. We really only get along now (if you can call it that) b/c I live 400 miles from her. It's a really, really long story. But anyway, one of the things we both loved was a good fountain Diet Coke. And pretty much every time we'd have to go shopping for school clothes up until my last prom dress purchase, we would stop by a drive-thru on the way home and get Diet Cokes. My mom doesn't organize her money in her wallet, and instead kind of wads it up in there, so she has to straighten it out to pay for something. It's a pretty distinctive noise. Anyway, today I was buying a Diet Coke at a drive thru after my appointment (yes yes aspertame, it was a stressful day!), and I paid with a crumpled bill. As I straightened it, I instantly thought of all those times with my mom. They're probably some of the best memories I have of her, actually.

3. I've had one marriage proposal, and one near-proposal. Both were semi-traumatic.

4. Relatedly, starting in middle school I had nightmares about getting married. Faceless grooms, running away before the ceremony, after the ceremony, my parents not approving and me getting married in secret, then regretting it immensely. These began before either proposal. I'm not really sure what triggered them, save maybe the understanding that marriage didn't always work out well (read: my parents, who are still unhappily married). Either way, they stopped about halfway through college.

I think that's all for tonight, as I'm starting to get sleepy. Anyone dig the overshares? Or would you rather I just do my normal thing with no random deviations?



    i want more about the proposal and semi-proposal.

  2. I am seriously angered that anyone would dare to ruin Boy Meets World for you. And, I could never judge you for a little aspartame indulgence- I have never successfully given up Diet Coke.

    Love the overshares.

  3. Mar, in the next installment I'll get into the proposal stories. :)

    Manda Lee, I'm equally angered. It was my favorite nostalgic good time. Now I'm stuck with Saved by the Bell, which just isn't as good, IMO.

  4. Sometimes you have to live 400 miles away from your mom in order to get along. It was that way with my mom and I in my early twenties. And frankly, even in my 30s as we got along famously, I appreciated the Oregon buffer.