Friday, July 31, 2009

Looking at your insides is weeeird

Today, Dear Readers, I was violated by a very cute and perky ultrasound technician. She didn't even buy me dinner first.

The plus side of this situation is that I don't have tons of cysts. I have one, and it's the "normal" kind. So, it comes down to the bloodwork.

And, if I weren't just so tired, I would tell you the story about the guy on the bus who was a litigious jerk. In fact, tomorrow I will. But for now, Comedy Central is calling my name.


  1. at least she wasn't like the ultrasound technician in "juno".

  2. OMG, so true. We did have a nice conversation about how there are "definitely no babies in there." She was much more understanding about my elation to that effect than the scheduler.