Monday, September 7, 2009

Size 12 dress

Dear Blogosphere friends:

Today was a monumental day.

Despite having lost not a damn pound, I fit into a size 12 dress today at Nordstrom. I was trying them on as a lark with a friend who's in town from D.C. and needed a formal dress for a job with the D.C. Opera.

So, while she was trying on gowns, I picked up cocktail dresses. And one in particular spoke to me. Think Marilyn Monroe, but in black. But they only had it in a 12, not a 14 like I normally wear. But, in an effort to get over my phobia of clothing, I picked it up.


Now, this is likely because the dress had free hips. I have issues with my hips. They're German and wide and built for birthing many babies that will grow up to drink beer and work the land and eat cheese and sausages.

Anyway, it fit. And the size 14 dresses fit. All of them. And I bought one that was on sale.

But I resisted the expensive size 12, because A) it was too fancy for everyday wear and B) it was EXPENSIVE. And while it looked good, the only reason I wanted it was because it said "12" on the tag.

Now I just need to lose another 10lbs, so I'm ACTUALLY a size 12.


  1. I feel your German-Hip-Pain. I often wonder if, when I get to that elusive goal weight, I will still be wearing a size 16 because of my freaking hips.

    Love that size 12- way to go! :)