Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Boyfriend Rocks

Well, if I listed all the reasons, we'd be here forever.

Seriously. He rocks.

But most recently, Boyfriend rocks because, after his iPod quit working and his running shoes wore out, he bought new ones. And then, he discovered Nike+.

And now, I'm buying new running shoes. And Boyfriend is purchasing me an iPod nano for my birthday.

It's possibly one of the most thoughtful gifts I've gotten in a long while. I love gadgets, and I love losing weight. In one fell swoop, Boyfriend has chosen a gift that will combine these two loves. And b/c my current iPod works fine, it's not something I'd ever buy for myself. Even though I need new running shoes.

So now I have a shiny new pair of Nike shoes (my first ever! EVER! And on sale!) coming to me via Fed Ex next week. This weekend we'll go to the Apple store, and I'll have an iPod nano.

Then next week, we can track our progress. All because my man rocks, and is supportive of my weight loss goals.

P.S. Unless anyone thinks that I am not equally nice to him, I bought him a grill for his birthday, which is in two weeks. It's his first grill. and from what I can tell, it's reaffirmed his masculinity in ways I had never imagined. Plus, we've eaten lots of yummy grilled foods this week.


  1. Yes. The grill is my spindly 26k-BTU child.

  2. dude. i don't know what it is about men and grills, but there ain't nothing sexier than a sweaty guy standing over a steak. (and a reynolds bag of grilled veggies!)

  3. Oh C2C, you are so correct. He is never hotter than when he is near the grill.

    Except for when he's at the stove. Or doing dishes. Or the laundry.

    You catch my drift.

  4. Sweet. re: your comment above, Maggie says the same thing.

    Also, Apple is expected to refresh the entire iPod line up during their announcement next Wednesday. You might want to wait until next weekend to pick up an iPod.

  5. Nice!

    I wish that New Balance had the + thing. I never cared for the way Nike fit my feet.

  6. Nice. BF does rock!

    I love the shoes too!!

  7. That is a major amount of rock. From both of you! Yay for love (obviously I am annoyingly romantic lately!)