Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, I know this is normal, but this "time of the month" is always discouraging for the weigh-ins. Even though I'm on the pill, I retain water like a mo-fo during the week before my "period." Stupid drop in estrogen.

I know the extra 2lbs will go away after next week when I don't have all the extra water weight, but knowing that I sucked it up hardcore the past two weeks, being stressed about Boyfriend leaving for the summer (oh yeah, for Readers who don't know me -- Boyfriend got a job in another state this summer, so we will be separated), worrying about starting the write-on competition for journals, and just generally being kind of hormonal, I didn't need to see the extra two pounds -- making me around 3.5 or 4lbs heavier than two weeks ago.

It's just discouraging. I know it can be fixed, and fixed rather quickly. But still. Ugh.

On the plus side, I have healthy chicken noodle soup (with whole grain noodles) that Boyfriend made left over. And this week I will truly be better with the diet and exercise. We went on a walk this morning already, just to look at the old houses in our neighborhood and maybe scout for places we may want to live after this next school year. I'll go to yoga tonight if I can shake this sore throat. If not, I'll go for another walk.

Baby steps. Baby. Steps.


  1. Chicken soup, with wholegrain noodles, that he made.

    Huh. I want one.

  2. i like the way you spell whoremones.

    sad that Boyfriend will be away this summer, but i look forward to the posts about the adventures you two get up to during your reunions.