Friday, May 15, 2009

Off Topic

I know this blog isn't really about Boyfriend, though I mention him a lot. But he just left for the summer, and I am sad about it. I know he'll be back in no more than a month to help move out of the current apartment (and clean out the apartment I "live in" but don't ever stay in) and into the new apartment upstairs.

But, in the 9 months we've been together, I've been staying here every night since probably December. And we go to school together, though we had no classes together. So, despite the fact that he only left this morning, I am definitely missing him already.

I may or may not have even had a little cry about it.

Don't judge. I'm a pre-menstrual girl on a diet whose boyfriend just left for the summer. I consider it a victory that I haven't ordered pizza for dinner.


  1. Stay strong! Think of it this way; you're lucky to have someone to miss. :)

  2. Another way to think about it - just kill it with the exercise/diet plan over the next 30 days so you can feel especially fantastic when you see him again!

  3. Ok. That was odd. Kathleen is really me - Colby. I was logged in on my mom's gmail and it pulled through. Anyway - yeah. Try not to miss him too much!

  4. oh man, there is nothing wrong with crying about a guy leaving if you've been dating nine months. i teared up about a guy i went on a two dates with when he left one morning.

    now THAT is whoremones.