Saturday, May 2, 2009

Workout with Boyfriend and my favorite restaurant in town

So, I've been bugging Boyfriend (who is tall and slim, but looking to lose about 15lbs) to go to Yoga with me. He likes running, and I dislike it intensely (hello, boobs! Mine are LARGE), but he likes to work out with me. I've been pestering him to just suck it up and come to a class. And today, he did.

We both went to Saturday morning basics, the one class I really don't enjoy because the teacher is just TOO peppy. One Saturday she actually talked about "happy fingers and toes." She also, unlike other instructors in basics classes, does not give a lot of instruction about how to get into the poses. So, poor Boyfriend kept looking sideways at me, trying to get a handle on what the hell was going on.

As for how he did, I was impressed. He handled the heat pretty well, though he looked like he wanted to die toward the end. He's a guy, so he's got more upper body strength than I do, and the vinyasas were not a problem for him. But, he's woefully inflexible, so I kept trying to whisper modifications for him to take, since the instructor wasn't really helping.

The verdict: He liked it. I don't think he'll go back with me until the fall (we're both taking finals now, and he'll be in another city for his job this summer), but he expressed an interest in starting up with me in August when school starts again.

Despite our trying to cook more at home, after yoga neither of us wanted to cook lunch. SO, after a shower, we went to our favorite restaurant, Aladdin's Eatery. For a meal prepared by someone else, I feel that their menu is pretty darned healthy, without making you eat a salad every time you feel like going out. It's Middle-Eastern, I believe based upon the cuisine of Lebanon. Regardless, the dishes are all super tasty. Boyfriend and I each got a soup (vegetarian chili for me, chicken-len-chili for him) and split an Arayiss Pitza. Very filling, satisfying, moderately carby, high in protein and fiber. In my mind, the perfect post-yoga meal.

Now if I didn't have to study for Con Law, it would be a perfect day.


  1. "happy fingers and toes" LOL! Don't know if I would be able to take that in an early morning class. I'm sure it'll be easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle since BF is so positive about your activities.

  2. No doubt. Well done to you and the BF. We all need one like him.

  3. I love Aladdin's! I just started the 30 Day shred to try and slim down & tone up before my wedding in October. You/I/We can do it!