Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm not dying!

Hello, friends.

I'm just back from my meeting with my doctor re: my PCOS test.

Turns out, my results are possibly inconclusive. See, I had been off the pill for less than a month, so while my girly-whormones were a little out of whack, it may not be because my ovaries are staging a coup, but rather because they were all "WTF, were is my birth control, woman!?!"

So, we're running the test again. And we're going to do an ultrasound of my ovaries. Hawt, no?

But, in the meantime, she confirmed that my other bloodwork was normal -- great, even. My fasting blood sugar and insulin were indeed awesome. And my cholestrol was great. So, while I may have a mild case of PCOS, I don't have any of the scary symptoms that are really what's very problematic with the disorder.

Oh, and if I have it? I may be put on Metaformin (a drug generally prescribed for insulin resistance in PCOS patients) for a short while, which, evidently, will balance my hormones (and by that I clearly mean whoremones) and make it easier to lose weight. I don't have insulin resistance, so it's not as though it's something I would have to do, but it would probably make my weight loss easier and faster. And I'm all about that. I wouldn't have to be on it long-term, either. At most a year to drop the weight I want to, and then I'm back to medication-free. The great thing is, there really aren't side-effects (like actual diet drugs) and it's just balancing out my body so that the work I'm doing is more effective, like it is in people with "normal" metabolisms.

So, the news is -- there's really no news. I'm getting the conclusive tests done over the next few weeks. But, I feel better, knowing for sure that if I do have it, it's mild and treatable, and that after I lose weight, I may not even have to "treat" it. So, there you have it.

Oh, and something that was a lot more reassuring? My doctor has it, too. So she was able to give me first-hand experiences with the tests and medications.

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm going out with a group of friends to celebrate the fact that we've survived 1L and our 1L summers, and will be very bad, diet-wise. German resturant (the food of my people!). Beer. Carbs. Cheese.

But I'm doing an extra work out today. And in spite of the ice cream earlier this week, I've been very good, and have done a lot of cardio. Just no yoga until yesterday. Hear me justifying?

Anyway, I hope you're all as happy with your Friday as I am.


  1. Hooray for not dying! If anything, a pill that helps in your weight loss while getting your body back in tip-top metabolic shape sounds magical.

    I can definitely relate in the screwed up "whormones", I'm at my endocrinologist every three months. :(

    I promise I'm not blog-stalking you. It's been a slow day! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good news on the not dying bit. I will put away my black suit. Who am I kidding? I only wear black. But anyway, good news.

  3. Thanks, guys.

    Colby, I'm OK with an all-black wardrobe. I wear a lot of it, too. Very European, and very slimming.

    And Betsy, I talked to my blog, and we decided that even if you decided to stalk it, that would be fine so long as it doesn't involve threats, 3am phone calls, or you standing outside our window with a boom box playing "In Your Eyes."

  4. it's of course too early to congratulate you on "great news", but i think the news about your blood and cholesterol being normal is definitely worthy of a WOOHOO.

  5. Thanks, Mar. :) I'm very glad that I'm not exhibiting any of the overt signs of PCOS, even if I do have it. From what I've read on the websites for women with PCOS, insulin resistance and elevated lipid profiles are pretty par for the course with the disease. So, it may be possible that I don't have it at all, and I can go on about my merry way.

    That would be nice, wouldn't it? Though I guess even if I have it, it's just a watch and wait kind of thing. And my diet of whole grains, protein, and veggies is exactly what the doctor would have me do, anyway.