Saturday, July 4, 2009

Too good to be true

Hello, friends.

So, the 180s were a bit premature, as I had anticipated. I weighed in around 193 plus or minus a pound and a half before the cold of death, and after weighed in at 189.0. After a week of eating normally again, I stepped on the scale this morning to the tune of 190.5.

I'll take it.

In other news, Happy 4th to you all. To celebrate we (and I use the term loosely) made pan-seared sirloin steaks (appropriately doused in herbs) and zucchini and baby asparagus with garlic and salt. Boyfriend has discovered sugar free Oreos, and has consumed ... well, I won't tell you how many. It's a little worrisome. Needless to say, we're enjoying the weekend. The weather is nice, we can see (most of) the floor in the new apartment finally, and Boyfriend is a superior cook.

And, because Boyfriend gave me the "why don't you LOVE ME?!?!" look when he realized I had not purchased Diet Coke (what? I have been trying to limit my caffeine and aspartame intake, and kick my addiction to the stuff!), we went to the grocery today. I highly recommend purchasing soda on the 4th of July. We got 5 fridge packs of our favorite Coca-Cola products for $12. Which, since Boyfriend isn't really living here this summer, will sit in the pantry pretty much until he comes home for good in the fall. Well, four of them will. I will probably slowly drink the 5 or so he will leave me of the 12 pack currently in the fridge.

And now, to enjoy a quiet night of movies and laundry, which will doubtless be interrupted by our neighbors setting of highly illegal fireworks in the middle of the city.

I wish I could say I'd be surprised. But, from what I saw after we won the Superbowl and Stanley Cup, nothing surprises me anymore. I just hope my car is safe.


  1. Hang in there. It's always about ups and downs. And I went to yoga by the way. Um. It was hard. But I've been having a lot of lower back pain lately, and I sense that this yoga thing is going to make a difference. Good times. Well, not yet actually, but you get me.

  2. my weigh in on friday is going to be a SHIT SHOW. i've been stockpiling food like the irish potato famine is coming and i haven't gotten an ounce of exercise.