Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My grocey list

Thanks for the great comments on my last post. You ladies have given me a lot to think about with regard to how I see my body, and how that effects my progress. I've got lots of thoughts, but they're not ready for the blog yet. Sometime this week, have another post on the subject, I'm sure.

But for today, I'd like to share my awesome grocery trip. See, I'm trying to be better. Not that I'm bad overall, but it's always good to strive for healthier food, right? Here's what I came home with:

* Free range chicken tenderloins (~2lbs)
* Turkey smoked sausage (2 packs)
* Fresh shaved low fat turkey lunch meat (.7lb)
* Salmon fillets (1lb)
* Braeburn/Granny Smith apples
* Grapes
* Tomatoes
* Spring mix
* Low fat cheese slices
* Light and Fit yogurt (the big tub)
* Carrots
* Garlic Hummus
* Eggs
* 2 Amy's black bean burritos
* goat cheese
* pesto
* skim milk

I also have a ton of frozen veggies in my freezer, as well as a lot of Dreamfields in my pantry. I didn't buy bread, but I have a loaf for toast in the morning (the super thin sliced variety so I eat less of it).

Does this compare to what the rest of you are buying? Anything that I'm not buying that you always buy? I'm always up for new foods!


  1. A+ with that shopping trip! It all sounds so delicious and healthy!

    I love salmon too and will mix it up once in a while with tilapia fillets instead. I love, Love, LOVE tilapia tacos (I was introduced to them at some dive taco joint near my old apartment and it's been love ever since) on a stone ground corn shell (it's a whole grain like wheat thus healthier than flour shells) with fresh pico de gallo and a squeeze of lime.

    Other things I always have around are avocados, mushrooms, spinach, and carrots (i always get the carrot chips cuz they good to dip in hummus or guacamole)

    I like Stoneyfield Farms French Vanilla fat free yogurt. It's organic and very tasty. I sprinkle cinnamon in it and it's like instant Cinnabon frosting.

  2. I love avacados, too, but I can never eat a whole one before it goes bad -- they're so rich! When Boyfriend is back after his summer adventures, I'll probably start buying them again, b/c he'll help me eat them.

    And talapia is simply an amazing fish. We do talapia tacos, too, and these fish packet things that Boyfriend makes. I'll post a recipe soon. :)

  3. I sometimes have the same problem with the avocado, but I'll cut up pieces and put it in my salads, make a quick guac with onions and tomato, use it as a sandwich spread instead of mayo/mustard., etc.

    Can't wait for recipes!

  4. a couple of things to think about:

    -light and fit yogurt has aspartame in it. have you considered fat free greek yogurt or plain yogurt that you can then sweeten naturally with stevia or agave syrup, or fruit/fruit juice?

    -flavored hummus is sometimes very high in sodium. have you considered buying plain and then adding your own dried spices?

    -pre-made pesto sometimes has very high sodium and/or fat content due to the types of oil. have you considered making your own and then freezing extra quantities?

    OTHERWISE - i love your list! it's just like mine!!!!!

  5. Mar,

    I appreciate your comments. The garlic hummus I buy is actually pretty low in sodium -- I did check! And generally I do buy the plain, but I was feeling the need to mix it up. :)

    My yogurt is really the only thing I eat anymore that has aspertame in it, and I really HATE greek yogurt. I've tried really hard to like it, and I just can't. I do occasionally buy plain yogurt and sweeten it with Stevia. But the yogurt is my one aspertame vice, and I just can't make myself give it up yet!

    Good thought on the pesto. Our food processor at the moment is ... well, it's sucky, so I can't really do this at the moment, but in the future, we'll look into it. But, I just checked the pesto label, and while it's fattier than something I would make at home, it's not shocking to the conscience. But I could do better in my kitchen, it's true.

  6. eh, a little aspartame won't kill you. if you like it, keep eating it -- getting the live cultures from the yogurt is more important!!

    and good for low sodium hummus!!

  7. I do understand the aspertame argument, though. I'm just really picky about yogurt, and it took a long time to find one that I liked. I don't like the idea of all the sugar substitutes (save Stevia, which is natural), but I do my best to limit my consumption.

    Thanks for lookin' out for me!

  8. don't forget my friend agave! from the cactus, it's way low on the glycemic index and at least a 2:1 sweetness ratio to regular sugar.

  9. Where did you find yours? I've searched the grocery stores here and haven't been able to find any! I'm very excited to try some.

  10. trader joe's and whole foods ... any health/natural food store should have it.

    agave comes in raw (dark) and regular (light). i prefer the light.

    it is the thickness of maple syrup. for a 20 oz coffee, i need 1/2 teaspoon full, when normally i would put 3 spoons of sugar in.

  11. Thanks, Mar! We've got both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's here, so I'll look on my next trip.